LCD Community Athletic Park – Updated Procedures

Effective 1/1/2023

Overall Operations

  • LCD board of directors will have control over entire operation and maintenance
  • Internal CAP committee comprised of LCD personnel and directors will handle special projects or issues that arise and need attention

General Rules

  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No pets
  • No knives, firearms, or explosives
  • No profanity or loud threatening language
  • No hitting into the fences
  • No tobacco products
  • No individuals under 14 years of age are permitted in the scorers area
  • No vehicles located except in the designated areas

Park Hours

  • 7 days a week, 8:00am to 11:00pm
  • Play should NOT start after 10:00pm


  • Community/Rec/School leagues will not be charged a fee for field usage
    • Examples of such leagues include but not limited to DCGS, Babe Ruth, Lawrenceburg Lions, Special Olympics, Lawrenceburg Community Schools
  • Select/Travel/Competitive Teams and Leagues will be charged a fee for field usage
    • LCD will charge teams $20 per use (regardless of game or practice)
      • Tournaments will be charged per game. A tournament schedule must be provided to the LCD Secretary in advance of the tournament. 
    • LCD Secretary will reference the online field calendar at end of season (November) to determine what is owed for the year and will invoice teams/leagues accordingly
      • Fees must be paid by December 31 or the team will not be allowed to schedule for the following year
  • Benefit fundraisers (ex. Brady Gabbard Memorial Tournament) must be presented to and approved by the LCD board of directors. LCD will then determine if any fees apply.
  • Individual team/league fundraisers (ex. Banner programs, etc.) will no longer flow through the LCD office. These types of fundraisers and any applicable monies should be handled solely by the participating team/league.

Field Scheduling

  • All schedule requestsmustflowthroughtheLCD Secretary, via the online field request form. Field requests can be submitted beginning February 1.   
    • NOTE: Blanket requesting the field(s) will not be tolerated. All field uses for non-recreational leagues will be charged a fee, as outlined above. If you are not certain you will use the field (barring weather-related cancellations), do not schedule it.
  • Priority will be given to community/rec/school leagues
    • Priority Deadline for Spring/Summer season (activity through July) will be March 15. On March 16, select/travel teams may begin submitting requests.
    • Priority Deadline for Fall season (activity through November) will be June 15. On June 16, select/travel teams may begin submitting requests.
    • Select/travel/competitive teams field requests will be approved on a first come/first serve basis following the priority deadlines listed above
    • Within the organizations that qualify as “priorities”, LCD will NOT be discerning between who is higher priority. Whichever “priority” team gets their request in first, they get the field – and so on.

Concession Stand

  • LCD will lease out the concession stand each year for a fee of $2,000. 
    • LCD will handle general yearly maintenance but leasee will be responsible for everything else, including inventory, schedule, etc.
    • Leasee may have first right of refusal for the following year, provided LCD directors are satisfied
    • If interested in leasing the concession stand for the 2023 calendar year, please email

Field Lights

  • Field lights will not be turned on for the 2023 calendar year. There will be no field play allowed after dark. Leagues and teams should take all steps necessary to schedule play during daylight.
  • UPDATE: At the January 19, 2023 LCD Board of Directors meeting, it was decided that field lights WILL be turned on for the 2023 calendar year, with the with the request that teams put forth a good faith effort in contributing to the electric expense at the end of the 2023 calendar year. 


  • All repairs and daily maintenance will be done by the LCD crew only.
  • Grass mowing will be done as needed, weather permitting.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned daily, Monday through Friday.
  • Restroom supplies will also be checked daily. It will be the responsibility of each organization to check/clean restrooms adequately during the course of their activity. Nightly checks are expected. 
  • Dragging of fields will take place daily, Monday through Friday, weather permitting.
  • The LCD does not prep fields after a rain event. This responsibility will fall on the organization who reserved the field time.
  • The LCD does not line any fields. Organizations should not schedule to have fields lined until after 2:00pm.
  • Organizations should maintain pitchers’ mound and home plate after all games and practices.
  • The irrigation system will come on at 11:00pm and run at night.
  • Garbage cans will be picked up on Tuesday, so all cans must be moved to the parking lot by the organization(s) using the fields.
  • The dumpster will be emptied on Fridays.
  • The park must be kept clean. Participants are expected to clean up after play. Please coordinate clean-up with groups under your supervision. 
  • Litter pick up on playing fields will be the responsibility of the group using the fields and concession management. 
  • Please report any problems with the field house, restrooms, or grounds to LCD superintendent at 812-584-8820. 

Security & Safety

  • Concession manager will close the restrooms at dusk unless intramural sport is utilizing the facility. Intramural sports staff will close the facilities at the conclusion of their activities. 
  • Each program area will be responsible for opening and closing the restrooms on weekends.
  • Each program area will be responsible for opening and closing of restrooms if their activity does not fall within the designated hours for Monday through Friday or during school breaks such as fall break, etc. Each program area is responsible for periodically checking restrooms while their activities are in progress. 
  • Bicycles/skateboards are not allowed on the fields or restrooms
  • Field managers are responsible for enforcing general policies stated above