Greendale Levee Ordinances

Greendale Levee Ordinance - adopted 6.15.23

Greendale Levee Ordinance - Developer Checklist


LCD Flood Control Ordinance, Greendale – FAQ for Developers and Engineers

Why was this Flood Control Ordinance adopted by the LCD?

The purpose of this Ordinance is to protect public health, safety, general welfare, and property within the City of Greendale, and specifically those areas protected by the Greendale Levee System, by implementing flood control related to drainage, stormwater management, and seepage control practices. This includes criteria and provisions for land development, construction, and any earth disturbance activities within the Flood Protection Area for the Greendale levee System.

In what geographical area does the Ordinance apply?

Any project that is proposed within, or will discharge stormwater runoff to, the interior of the Greendale Levee System is subject to the Ordinance requirements. This area is generally bounded by the Greendale Levee System to the east, the Lawrenceburg Levee System “Long Slope” to the south, the slope of Ridge Avenue to the west, and Belleview Drive to the north.

My project is small, does it need to be reviewed by the LCD?

All proposed projects will need to be coordinated with, and reviewed by, the LCD regardless of size.

Are any projects exempt from the Ordinance?

There are basic standard requirements that all projects need to meet, such as not redirecting flows to an adjacent property, or otherwise causing adverse runoff and seepage conditions. However, projects that propose less than 10,000 square feet of new impervious surfaces are exempt from the Volume and Water Quality Controls (Section 303) and Rate Controls (Section 304) requirements of the Ordinance.

What are the stormwater runoff control requirements?

For all projects creating 10,000 square feet of impervious surfaces or more, in addition to the General Requirements (Section 301), the first 1.0-inch of rainfall must be treated for volume and water quality (consistent with the City of Greendale’s requirements), and the post- development discharge rates shall not exceed the pre-development discharge rates for the 1- through 100-year 24-hour storms.

What do I need to submit to the LCD?

All submissions should include plans and construction details of the proposed improvements. A simple plan view clearly showing the new and existing impervious surfaces on the site, and a calculation showing the increase in impervious surfaces must be included. All projects with proposed drainage systems (inlets, pipes, channels, ditches, etc.) shall include design computations. If the exemption threshold (10,000 square feet of additional impervious surfaces) is exceeded, submissions shall also include a succinct design report documenting the stormwater management design and calculations. Projects proposing deep excavations and foundations, or penetrations into the groundwater aquifer should include a geotechnical engineering report. Two (2) copies of the Plans and supporting documents are to be submitted to the LCD. Electronic file submission (PDF) should include all Plans and supporting documents (see FAQ #11. for contacts).

Are projects allowed on, near, or through the levee?

Yes. However, projects proposed within the levee footprint, within 50-feet from toe of levee, and adjacent areas within LCD property limits will require special considerations. Anyone with a planned project within the area described above should begin coordination with the LCD early to understand the full scope of the project and submission requirements.

What are the fees for review by the LCD?

The base fee for Plan reviews is $300. More complex sites can range from the base fee to $1,000 for the initial review. Supplementary review efforts beyond the initial review will be on an hourly basis, at $150 per hour (through 2023). Rates will be reviewed annually by LCD and are subject to change.

What is the timeframe for review?

The LCD will notify the applicant within 45 days of approval / disapproval. Subsequent review timeframes may be necessary based on the size, scope of the application and submission details.

How should I submit for review?

Two (2) hard copies of the Plans and other necessary supporting documentation should be submitted to the LCD. An electronic submission should also be made. See FAQ #11 for contacts. Hard copies should be submitted to:

Lawrenceburg Conservancy District 225 E. Eads Parkway Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Who should I contact?

Direct all correspondence to LCD Office Secretary at 812-539-3136 / Copy to LCD Superintendent (Paul Seymour, Jr.) at 812-584-8820 /

LCD Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-12:00pm

Early correspondence with the LCD is encouraged so the requirements are understood, submissions are complete, and review times can be streamlined.